Stack Trace on .net Agent Span

APM Agent version:

I am using the .net agent and there is no stack trace information in my spans, as in the image

There is a way to capture the call stack information and add it on Spans? any configuration or option in open API (I didn't find anything).

Thanks for attention.

Hi @xitaocrazy,

in the 1.0.0-beta1 we only capture stack traces for outgoing HttpClient requests, but we recently merged a couple of PRs addressing exactly your questions. Those will be included in the next release.

In sum, we'll do in .NET what other agents do:

  • Every span that takes at least 5ms will contain a stacktrace
  • we add the ELASTIC_APM_STACK_TRACE_LIMIT config to limit the depth of the stack trace
  • we add the ELASTIC_APM_SPAN_FRAMES_MIN_DURATION config to change the 5ms default to capture stack traces for shorter (or only for longer) spans.


All this is already on master.

Great news, thanks @GregKalapos.
I will publish it in my local environment to test, and keep waiting for the next release.

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