Start elasticsearch as a single node

Hi, I have a cluster with 3 nodes. it's configured for 1 shard and 2 replica so all 3 nodes have all data.
I have a back up of one of them, ( backup from VM ). I'm going to restore and start this backup as a single node. The elasticsearch config in backup VM is for cluster env. How can I change it to be able to start as a single node ?
In fact I want to start a single node from a backup that was in a cluster.
I've commented the discovery.seed_hosts part and added cluster.initial_master_nodes: ["Node-1"] and discovery.type: single-node.
It did not work. I've added node.local: true , it did not work too.
I get the error master_not_discovered_exception.
Elasticsearch v7.4.2
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This is unfortunately of no use. See the warning in the docs for more details:

You cannot back up an Elasticsearch cluster by simply copying the data directories of all of its nodes [...] The only reliable way to back up a cluster is by using the snapshot and restore functionality.

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