Starting Kibana on AIX v7

I've installed Kibana on AIX v7, I'm logged in as root, and have verified that the directory (kibana-4.2.0-linux-x64) and all of the subdirectories and files are rwxrwxrwx (wide open).

I don't understand why execute permission is denied on bin/../node/bin/node

Has anyone else encountered anything along these lines when trying to install and run Kibana for the first time?

That is indeed a weird error message, but you are aware that an x64 Linux binary won't run on AIX anyway? You'd have to compile your own Node.JS for it to stand any chance.

Thanks Magnus -- that's only slightly embarrassing ... I didn't even notice that this was Linux, Windows, and Mac only. Back to the drawing board apparently -- but the difference in operating systems would certainly pose a problem!