Starting with snapshots when we already have a large amount of data?


We shall do an upgrade from 7.10.2 to 7.17+ and have tried this is lab env.
But one question that comes to mind is, how is the cluster going to react when starting a snapshot on over 10TB data with cold storage?

We are using an NFS share as snapshot storage, and the cold data are almost 8TB of the total data.

Is this going to make a huge performance footprint on the cluster as a whole, or is it just going to take a huge amount of time :slight_smile:


One thought was to exclude the COLD data for snapshots, but it seems that I cant find if it is possible to make such exclusions.

Kind Regards Falk

The default snapshot throttle is 40MBps per node which should limit the performance impact. It'll only take a couple of days to create a snapshot of that size at 40MBps. Obviously you can adjust the throttle too, with faster speeds taking less time but having more performance impact.


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