State Timline in Kibana

Hello Everyone.

Is it possible to create a state timeline in Lens such as the one which can be seen under the following picture.

In my index I have documents (representing each state) containing fields with the state_name, the state_duration (of Type Duration in ms) and the state_start_date (Of type date).

It would really help If somebody could show me a way of creating a visualization which shows a bar that starts at the start_date of the state and has the length of the state_ duration and instead of using the duration as a unit on the axis itself using state_date. (As can be seen in the linked image)

Hi @Florian_Wattenbach,

Welcome! Did you try looking at the bar stacked horizontal lens control to see if it will do what you need? I've not played with the document type you have so it's difficult to say for sure.

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