Static Lookup Table in Elastic

Hello - I am wondering if there is a way in which you can store static data in Elastic which can then be referenced by an ingestion pipeline?
The reason for it is that i want to parse my http.referrer field and then if the value exists within my static table, to then store that data in the assigned column - Otherwise ignore.

I did think about creating an Array, however because i have around 400 rows, i fear that having to do that for EVERY record might create some performance related issues.

Thats my idea - Just not sure if it is possible within Elastic?

Lookup for how to enrich your data using an enrich processor in your ingest pipeline.

Check out this example from the documentation.

Hi - Thank you for the documentation - I have had a read of it, however i am no wiser as to how this could help me - Could you perhaps explain to me how this would help me reach my goal?

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