Storage upgrade | new disk added | how to extend storage for ELK

I've added a new disk for storage upgrade and I want to retain data for 45 day then move it to new disk but that data should still be searchable after 45 days.
can someone brief me on how to get this done.
I've already added path.repo setting in elasticsearch config file and even registered a new repo with path to new drive location.

wild guess: using ILM policy to take a snapshot would move it to snapshot repo location (new drive) right?
and when the snapshot is taken after ILM policy executes will it free the storage on first disk where data is stored

Snapshots are backups and are not searchable unless you use searchable snapshots, which is a commercial feature and requires a commercial license. Elasticsearch does not move data between mounts so in order to move data between the two volumes and still have it searchable you will need to run two nodes (one using volume A and one that uses volume B) and relocate shards between nodes.

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