Storing of user-tags


I start esrally with such commands:

esrally --offline --track=geonames --target-hosts=es-server:9200 --pipeline=benchmark-only --user-tag="testrunName:bindmount_3,cluster:bindmount,env:docker,ver:6.6.2,cpu:8,JMX:4GB,laps:1,storageType:bindmount,StorageDriver:overlay2,aloneOnLoadGenerator:yes,Iteration:3" --laps=1

I am confused about storing the user-tags provided by esrally in when storing metrics in elastcsearch. Lets take the example tag Iteration

index       	field name
-----       	----------
rally-metrics	meta.tag_Iteration
rally-races		user-tags.Iteration
rally-results	user-tags.Iteration

As you can see it is stored below meta. instead of user-tags.

Is this a feature or a bug? I suppose it to be the last one.
I want to combine summary of results with metrics in the same dashboard. And I want to filter on my tags.

How can I do this?
Can I create an alias in index rally-metrics with the name user-tags.Iteration which points to meta.tag_Iteration and which is available for filtering / aggregations?


Hello Andreas,

In rally-metrics to filter on user-tags.X you will instead need to filter on meta.tag_X. For historical reasons we are storing it under meta. If you’re after long-time trends it’s best to use rally-results because you usually only need one data point per race but if you want to do a more detailed and fine-grained analysis you will want to rely on the raw data in rally-metrics.

Thank you,

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