Strange "non-restart"

On Win10 after restart Kibana (no ES restart) I've received following error:

D:\Program Files\Elastic\Kibana\6.2.4\bin>kibana.bat
    throw err;
Error: Cannot find module 'babel-runtime/core-js/json/stringify'

In Kibana's package.json I've following dependency:

"devDependencies": {
    "@babel/runtime": "^7.0.0-beta.55"

In nose_modules/ couldn't find babel-runtime folder so I've tried to: npm install --save-dev @babel/runtime but received info that don't have license filed. Added to package.json key "license": "Apache-2.0", and received following info:

+ @babel/runtime@7.0.0-beta.55
updated 1 package in 2.064s

What for me means OK. But still babel-runtime folder is not present and Kibana doesn't start.

How to fix it? Don't want to reinstall Kibana being affraid of loosing a lot of work made with visualization.

I've copied whole folder babel-register from installation .zip. Received info that lodash/cleanDeep is not present. Done npm i --save lodash.clonedeep, got

+ lodash.clonedeep@4.5.0
removed 2 packages and updated 1 package in 1.682s

and babel-register disappeared and Kibana is out-of-order still.

hmm, strange indeed. I know you are concerned about losing your work within Kibana, but reinstalling Kibana itself shouldn't have any impact on your data. Kibana stores all of your visualizations, dashboards, etc within Elasticsearch, so as long as you don't uninstall Elasticsearch, your data will be safe.

I'd recommend doing a fresh Kibana install, and see if that helps you

I've 6.2.4 - current is 6.3.X. Need to reinstall ES also?

If you want to stick with 6.2.4, then you can. If you stay with that version, then there is no need to reinstall ES. I would leave ES alone, and see if just reinstalling Kibana (6.2.4) solves your problem.

Past releases are here, if you need the download:

That aside, I do suggest trying 6.3 at some point soon -- we have lots of great features in there! For now, just try to get 6.2.4 working again though

I've reistalled Kibana to my current 6.2.4, applied SG for Kibana & seems that all is working & no data/work is lost.
Still strange & don't know what was wrong.

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