Streaming data from bugzilla to elastic server

i want to create a critical bug dashboard in kibana. I want to stream data from Bugzilla to elastic server. Is there any way to do that or any plugin available?

Well. Google just told me that:

May be it can help?

Otherwise I think Bugzilla is using a SQL datastore so you can may be try to define a Logstash JDBC input to read that source?

yea that helps to a extent. But i want to use whole ELK stack for creating a dashboard. In that way I don't find any use of BMO/elastic search. so can you just give me some help in connecting bugzilla to elastic through JDBC??.. i mean any documents or any link which ll be helpful..Thanks . @dadoonet .

Documentation of JDBC input is here:

I have no concrete example on how to run that against a MYSQL bugzilla schema.

thanks a lot @dadoonet for your quick help. I am using jdbc now. here is a link i got which describes well with example. .