(Sathish Thangathurai) #1

We are using elastic search over a year ago in one of our project. Although, The client is asking to implement the MapBox to show pointers in that particular area in the map.

Currently we are using REST api to fetch some the data from the backend using java application with paging but the performance is too slow when we are sending request every time to show bulk pointers from the response data in the map.

Our team suggest to use streaming concept to avoid REST API Call. Is it possible to stream all the data from Elastic Search to show in the MapBox?

Still I've confusion how to implement this concept? and the technology behind for stream because we think for twitter streaming. any idea how to do this or else we should follow any other method?

(David Pilato) #2

May be you want the same thing as explained here?

It's not available for now.

(system) #3