Strigo asks for account creation

Elastic Machine Learning for Cybersecurity training, when using the Lab button the Strigo page opens up asking to create an account.

I am not sure what is the question here. Did you try to use the same email that you used to register to the course?

Yes I used the same email, when I log into Stigo I get the following message,

We couldn't find an enrollment for

Please make sure you sign in with the same email
address you enrolled to the course with.

[Try a different email address]

Additionally the lab guide does not mention that we need to register on yet another website to access the lab itself.

Hi Filip,

I just tested the lab buttons for this course and they all seem to be working fine. I suggest that you email for them to check and possibly reset your enrollment.

Can you try again? It should work now.

Thank you

Thank you, it works now.