String to full text data table KIBANA

I have fields'detail': "totot goes to the market".

And the idea is to display this sentence (with whites) in a data table.

Currently, the problem I have is that in my data table, whites are ignored and next word is lost.

How could I solve this problem? What kind of "analyze" should you choose?

Hey @Charaf_Ahmed,

Which analyzer are you using currently? Here's what I see with the standard analyzer:

Indeed, that's what I can but I can not do it.

The analysis I use is: whitespace analyze

@Larry_Gregory you advise me to use what to analyze? and why do you have detail.keyword? Keyword? Why ?

Changing your field from type "text" to type "keyword" will enable you to include your strings within visualizations, such as a data table. Using the keyword type, you will not have to specify a custom analyzer.

If you don't want to use the "keyword" type, then you'll need to create your own custom analyzer to use the "keyword" tokenizer

For more help on that, I'd recommend starting a thread in the Elasticsearch topic

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