Strings to numerics

Hello community!

I am new at this and my problem is the following:

I am trying to use some .csv files to represent data in Kibana, and to do that i am using the code i found on this web: Converting CSV to JSON in Filebeat

I think that method is quite useful, but when I try to use the data I can't do so beacause it appears as a string between double quotes. How can i modify the code to get numeric values instead?

My filebeat.yml looks like this:

    max_procs: 1 # This code will not work correctly on multiple threads
    - type: log
      enabled: true
      close_eof: true
        - C:\Users\Marc\Desktop\test.csv

      - decode_csv_fields:
            message: decoded_csv_arr
          separator: ","
          ignore_missing: false
          overwrite_keys: true
          trim_leading_space: false
          fail_on_error: true

      - script:
          lang: javascript
          id: convert_csv_into_json
          file: C:\Users\Marc\Desktop\convert_csv_to_json.js

      - drop_fields:
          fields: ["decoded_csv_arr"]

      hosts: ["localhost:9200"]

      index: "csv_to_json-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}" 

    setup.ilm.enabled: false
    setup.template.enabled: false

And the .js file referred in the .yml is this:

// This function takes an array containing the field names, and another that
// contains field values, and returns a json dictionary that combines them.
function convert_csv_to_dict(csv_headers_row, csv_values_row) {
  var json_from_csv =  csv_values_row.reduce(function(result, field, index) {
    result[csv_headers_row[index]] = field;
    return result;
  }, {})

  return json_from_csv;

// Define the JavaScript function that will be used to combine the 
// header row with subsequent rows in the CSV file
var headers_fn = (function() {
  var csv_headers_row = null; 

  // Use a JavaScript closure to store the header line (csv_headers_row), 
  // so that we can use the header values for all subsequent CSV entries. 
  return function(csv_arr) {

    var json_from_csv = null;

    if (!csv_headers_row) {
      // if this is the first row, store the headers
      csv_headers_row = csv_arr;
    } else {
      // combine the csv_headers_row with the values to get a dict
      json_from_csv = convert_csv_to_dict(csv_headers_row, csv_arr)
    return json_from_csv;


// This function is called for each "event" 
// (eg. called once for each line in the log file)
function process(event) {
    var csv_arr = event.Get("decoded_csv_arr");
    var json_from_csv = headers_fn(csv_arr);

    // If the current event was triggered to process the header row,
    // then the json_from_csv will be empty - it only returns a json dict
    // for subsequent rows. Cancel the event so that nothing
    // is sent to the output.
    if (!json_from_csv) {
    event.Put("json_from_csv", json_from_csv);

Thank you so much for your help!

I noticed in you filebeat configuration, that you have disabled the default template; so I'm assuming that you have a custom mapping, if you specify in the mapping the field as numeric, Elastic would convert it automatically for you; another option could be the brand new runtime fields. Dynamically Created Runtime Fields - YouTube

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