Suggestions to use UltraWarm for the below scenario

I have a scenario like, I want to move some ES index data to UltraWarm which we update/modify very rarely.
So, when ever I want to update the particular ES UltraWarm index data through the app, I want to move that particular UltraWarm index data to the hot storage to update then again want to move back UltraWarm storage after the update/modify.
I know, it will degrade the performance little bit, but I want to know, If any other difficulties/drawbacks to implement this scenario. Appreciate if you have any alternatives. Thanks.

Ultrawarm is a proprietary feature only available on AWS Elasticsearch service so you may be better off asking their support or forums.

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To confirm, this is an aws feature and we cannot help sorry to say.

Sure, Thanks..

Sure, Thanks.

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