Sum table and sum scorecard does not match

Using the kibana dashboard, I have this table with visit duration values, and at the bottom we can see the sum of all values
Then I try to show this sum value in an scorecard using the same function sum(visitDuration), but the value obtained is different (46,020)
. Why can this be?

This is Lens, right? which version of the stack are you running?

Can you reproduce this with any of the Kibana sample datasets?

cc. @flash1293

It's not lens, it is with the dashboard of kibana.

You mean the UI you access when you click in Create Visualization, don't you?

Peek 2022-05-04 16-42

That is Lens, it's the default visualization composer in recent versions of the Kibana Dashboard application.

Oh correct, it is called lens.

Problem solved!! 3 days looking at possibilities and it was a duplicated element.
Thank you!!

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