Summarize elasticsearch data over the time

(Manjula Piyumal) #1

Hi everyone, is there is a way to summarize data in the elasticsearch after some time? My application statistics data collects via the elasticsearch and I want to summarize data which is older than one month. I want daily data points only for the current month and I can manage with monthly data points(aggregation of all data points for that month) which are older than one month.


(Mark Walkom) #2

You need to DIY here, there's no feature that'll do this.

(Manjula Piyumal) #3

Thanks for your prompt response. I have felt it that way :frowning: , just wanted to confirm it.


(Patrick Kik) #4

This might be a use case for Elasticsearch Watcher. You don't need to create an application, just do all the logic within the cluster.

(Manjula Piyumal) #5

Thanks PartickKik,

We have decided to live with TTL and not to summarize the old data. In the next phase, we will try to implement this using an Elasticsearch Watcher


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