Support for OpenId Connect?

Elasticsearch supports OpenId Connect as an authentication source. I believe this requires a GOLD licence, or a paid-for security plugin (Search Guard) ?

If my ES instance is using OpenID Connect, can AppSearch use the same users ?

Or does it require AppSearch specific logins to be created? There is a mention of SAML support, but no mention of Active Directory / OpenID etc, or if ES plugin-provided security would be supported.

Hi Dave,

Self-Managed App Search recently launched supporting users within the SAML and Native realms of Elasticsearch, as you mentioned. It is also possible to create users directly within App Search, but at this time, OpenID Connect is not supported.

As of August 2019, there are no current plans to add this feature, but it's definitely a possibility for the future!

As of August 2019, there are no current plans to add this feature

Does that mean there is a roadmap of features that are planned ? Can we see it?

There is certainly a road map for future work on App Search but it's not publicly available at the moment.

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