Supported K8s Persisted Volume Storage Classes

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I am actively deploying the elasticsearch container into k8s and am wondering what the supported storage classes for persisted volumes are? Specifically I am wondering what provisioners are supported as listed here:

From previous experience, I am fairly sure that any provisioner utilizing any sort of network file system is going to be a no-go (so something like GlusterFS, or NFS). Through a colleague of mine's testing we have found that local seems to work exceptionally well. Also, I think I have read somewhere that any sort of block storage should be okay as well.. but I don't have any links or documentation to support that.

I am looking for if someone has any sort of documentation on which provisioners are explicitly supported or not supported (ie CephFS is supported or not, or AWSElasticBlockStore is supported or not). Though if we cannot be that precise than what types of storage are explicitly supported or not supported. (ie network file systems are supported or not, or block storage is supported or not).

I have tried searching for documentation around this matter and haven't found anything particularly useful, outside of what I mentioned in my second paragraph.

Thanks in advance!

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