Suricata with ElasticStack

Hey guys,

I managed to set up ElasticStack on my Ubuntu VM (my host is Windows). I installed on my host Sysmon and succesfully connected it with winlogbeat. I can now see in Kibana UI Winlogbeat logs - this is awesome. However, now I want to expand my ElasticStack to get closer to my goal - have an open source SIEM working.
I want to add Suricata / Snort / Bro as my data sources. But I tried installing Bro with guides I found here:
BRO with ELK
and I was not succesful, I could not see any Bro logs although in Kibana I could find logstash index pattern, but in my 'Discover' tab, there was still only Sysmon logs, even if I switched to different index.
Then I went to try and install Suricata with the help of following guide:
Suricata with ELK
I seem to get the eve.json file populated with logs, but I cannot display them in Kibana. I dont want to install one of those templates, because I already have some Dashboards configured for my Sysmon and don't want to lose that.

Since I do not have any error output and the question 'What is wrong?' would be probably too general to ask. I am asking for a validated URL to a video/tutorial/blog, where I can get step-by-step instruction on how to add Suricata / Snort / Bro to my existing ElasticStack with my Winlogbeat running already.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


Try this for Suricata...

And this for Snort...

Both solutions use filebeat to send the raw logs to Logstash where it is processed and sent to Elasticsearch.

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