Swagger-4-es (Swagger UI for Key Elasticsearch Endpoints)

Hey Elasticsearch community,

I have created an openapi schema for the key Elasticsearch endpoints (or at least the ones I think are key). If you don't know what that is, basically when paired with the swagger-ui library it provides interactive documentation that allows you to submit requests and receive responses in a simple web page.

Its not intended to be complete/exhaustive, however I think its a really good start for somebody starting off with Elasticsearch - just to get across the basics.

The link to the web page where I describe what I have done is here

The openapi.json file can be found here

I have also uploaded a series of videos that runs through how to use the swagger UI page here. I think these provide a solid foundation on how to use Elasticsearch.

The container setup to run the swagger UI page locally and the fastapi application I used to generate the schema can be found on github.

You can give me a github star if you think its useful.

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Thanks for sharing this!

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