OpenAPI / Swagger API Docs?

I'd like to dig into AppSearch as a potential integration with our SaaS offering, but there is no "back end" documentation available?

  • No clear list of available APIs
  • No Open API / Swagger document.
  • No public sourcecode repo

Do you have plans to make the App Search API details available publically, so we can create / generate our own clients in our language of choice ?


@Dave_Russell We would eventually like to publish a complete OpenAPI spec for App Search, though we aren't quite there yet.

The API details can be found here:

(EDIT: Had the wrong link in my original response)
Additionally, we do generate our PHP client from an OpenAPI spec, though the types are a bit loose at this point:

Let me know if any of this is useful.

What languages are you interested in generating clients for?

Great stuff @JasonStoltz
After I posted that I did (eventually) find the API docs, but there does seem something of a gap between the and coverage of App Search. Forgive me, I don't know the history / plans, so I'm not sure if swiftype is new, or old, or part of, or separate.

I'm a windows devloper (boo hiss) so C# would be great - and especially if the client would be as good as the c# NEST client! I've been using that on-and-off for about 5 years and it is fantastic.

I've got another query, but I'll create a separate post.

Ah yes, sorry about that. Swiftype used to be an independent company before joining Elastic. So we're slowly transitioning to the Elastic brand.

And yes, the NEST client is amazing, I do wish had something like that for you!

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