Swap Space is high in HQ plugin

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this is my issue:

1 I am using plugin of HQ.0.99
2 the Swap Space is 9.3125 mb, high than the suggested value(1)
3 my config is bootstrap.mlockall: true, and ulimit -l ulimit

I am confused with:
1, the Swap Space in HQ plugin means " the Swap Space used of the whole processes on the machine" or "only the ElasticSearch process"?

2 if the Swap Space means the ElasticSearch process, did I do the wrong config?

3 How do I reduce the "Swap Space"?


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sorry for disturbing

I check in es-document and found that discription:

"Operating system stats, load average, cpu, mem, swap"

and check the value of "swap used" in HQ plugin(9.3125 mb)
is equal to the machine current swap used which I check by the "free" command:

free -m
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 64371 63494 877 0 142 29116
-/+ buffers/cache: 34235 30136
Swap: 8191 9 8182

I so appreciate someone would explain my confused:
1 es-process already lock the memory by config "bootstrap.mlockall: true", does the swap action is done by other process?
2 if the swap action is done by other process,how does it affect es-process's gc-action?

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