Sync data to elastic cloud

My data structure have a child-parent relationship and it’s bit complex nested structure of data so that can be nested objects to syncing raise Problem

Let's say we have a parent-child relationship of has many and one to many data objects and
Children can be added/deleted/updated without touching the parent document (however this has its - maintaining child-parent relationship completion in memory etc.).
then some time child fields might be updated, but since the previous store in elastic search data does not change they are not reindexed and the parent nested objects become outdated.

NOTE: Consider here have created each model like a searchable model for individual indices in Elasticsearch 7.6.2
I have check nested and child-parent in elastic support but not exact solutions.

I have used with ruby on rails and I manually write script DOING this syncing

  1. Here is the one way to do every update of the nested objects then reindexing all parent-child. It seems a bad way to reindex all data and it's a bit difficult but we can.

Any other solutions are?

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