Synchronization of Index among different ES-Clusters


I would like to know about the best practice for synchronizing indexed data of an elastic search index to another index located in a different cluster.

Currently, I have an index for reporting, which is my primary index for reports.
Is it possible to synchronize the indexed data periodically to an index, which is located in a different cluster?

I also want to synchronize the index mapping and settings as well.

The purpose is to provide necessary reports (say from the past 3 years) for auditing.


I believe that CCR (Cross Cluster Replication) could be helpful in that case.

Note that it requires a platinum license.

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Hallo David,
Thanks for the Reply!
CCR helps in my case.
I have one more question, does both cluster's requires platinum license?
I have different clusters, one with enterprise subscription and another which has basic.

Thanks in advance!

As you have an enterprise license, I'd encourage you to contact your sales rep or the support team to check this.

I honestly don't know :blush:

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