Synonym Set Limit?


I work for an e-commerce company, and we are looking to migrate our product search to App Search. In our current product search application, we have over 700 synonym sets. I began copying these synonym sets to App Search, but once I reached 256 sets, I could not add another one. Trying to add another set results in the message:

Engine has the maximum number of synonyms, no more can be added

Is there any way to get past this? A configurable setting or some other workaround?

Thank you for your help

Hey @jgrams. At this time, this is not configurable, and there is unfortunately no workaround to my knowledge. This is something we hope to address in the future, but no concrete plans as of now.

Out of curiosity, are you using self managed app search or hosted?

Hi Jason, thanks for the info. We are using self managed.

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