Synonyms in kibana discover

i am able to create a synonym analyzer and use it to query and get result using the kibana dev tool. is it possible that i use that same custom synonym analyzer when searching for a text in kibana discover? or better still how can i use synonyms in kibana discover searches.

Hi @Bav_Tech,

On Discover page you can define a new filter (look for "Edit as Query DSL" button) and specify your analyser in there. Or define a default search analyser for a field in index mapping settings. More info:

thanks for you response, the second option worked for me . another issue arises when i try to create a visualisation using the fields that have the synonym mapper mapped to them, it doesnt make those fields available for visualising . Any work around for this?

Visualizations work only with aggregatable fields: for example keyword field type by default. You would need to have a separate field for visualizing.

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