Sysconfig file of elasticsearch

Hi,Elasticsearch has 3 configuration files, OK? elasticsearch.yml, jvm.options,
And what about the sysconfig file of elasticsearch, I don't find it, Elasticsearch is installed with homebrew on my mac

that file is only part of the RPM package. What are you trying to do, that makes you think, you need this file?

Hi! thank for your answer.
I have to upgrade elastic stack to a major version, and so elasticsearch first.
I have first to disable the allocation shard.
Could you answer the few questions?
Is there somewhere a configuration file to configure system settings for the cluster?
As I am working in developpement mode is there necessary to disable the allocation shards? (data supply via stdin in mode production it would be more difficult so i try to understand the configuration of a elasticsearch cluster)
If i must disable the allocation shard befor upgrading, where this setting is written ?

You can user the cluster settings API to put settings persistent (stay after restart) or transcient (lost after restart)

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