Syslogs Data to LogStash

Am pretty new to the Logstash, I wanted to run the syslogs and publish the data to the Logstash.
I've installed the required syslogs plugins on the Logstash.
I would like to know, which syslogs application needs to be installed for a Windows-7 server ? I see there are many syslogs application in google, Is there any specific one ?

Please let me know. Thanks !


It's pretty unusual to run syslog on Windows machines. Perhaps you should use Winlogbeat instead, but it's not clear what you want to achieve.

Thanks for your reply @magnusbaeck.
We are just doing a POC, we wanted to install the syslog on a windows machine (node) to collect the all kinds of events and publish the data to the Logstash and visualize it on the Kibana. Is this is the right approach ? or please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks !

To collect Windows system logs (System, Security, Application, ...) use Winlogbeat. To collect plain text logs (e.g. IIS access logs) use Filebeat. To collect syslog messages that other machines and devices send to your Windows box, use Logstash or a syslog daemon.

Yes, @magnusbaeck. Thanks for your suggestions.
We receive messages from different machines to my windows box. So we wanted to use, syslogs to capture those and send across to Logstash. Thanks !

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