System integration : specifying the interfaces needed


In the "System" integration of our policies we want to have the metrics of specific network interfaces.

In the configuration menu, there is indeed the possibility of specifying the interfaces needed. It is specified under this configuration :
"List of interfaces to monitor. Will monitor all by default."

So, is it possible to use a wildcard in order to specify all the network interfaces beginning with "en" ?

For example for interfaces :

  • ens3
  • ens4

Using "ens*" in the configuration to have both.

Also, if the network interface doesn't exist on the host where the elastic-agent is installed the configuration will be ignored or there will be an error ? (for example, when the policy is used by multiple agent on different server configuration)

I can't find corresponding information in the documentation or by searching this forum.

Thanks for your help.

I'm trying my luck again because I think a lot of people have already used this feature and should be able to give me the answer. Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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