System memory usuage in MBytes

By default metricbeat generate system.memory.used in bytes. However I changed the system.memory.used.bytes to system.memory.used.mb in template and then reloaded the template but all in vain. It wasn't that easy.

I want not this but various metrics to be in MegaBytes. What's the right way to achieve this?

The best way to do this is using the fields formatter in Kibana. You can select the Bytes formatter and it should do all the magic for you:

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Starting with the next release the Kibana index-pattern includes the format of each field exported by Metricbeat, so you can see in Kibana the bytes in MB, KB, the percentages in 50% format, etc.

Until the next release, the easier option would be to set in Kibana the format of the system.memory.used.bytes to Bytes: Management -> Index patterns -> metricbeat-* -> search for system.memory.used.bytes -> edit -> set the Format to Bytes.

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