System memory usuage in MBytes

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By default metricbeat generate system.memory.used in bytes. However I changed the system.memory.used.bytes to system.memory.used.mb in template and then reloaded the template but all in vain. It wasn't that easy.

I want not this but various metrics to be in MegaBytes. What's the right way to achieve this?

Metricbeat Kibana dashboard
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The best way to do this is using the fields formatter in Kibana. You can select the Bytes formatter and it should do all the magic for you:

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Starting with the next release the Kibana index-pattern includes the format of each field exported by Metricbeat, so you can see in Kibana the bytes in MB, KB, the percentages in 50% format, etc.

Until the next release, the easier option would be to set in Kibana the format of the system.memory.used.bytes to Bytes: Management -> Index patterns -> metricbeat-* -> search for system.memory.used.bytes -> edit -> set the Format to Bytes.

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