System test failing for Policy having variable definition outside Policy Templates

Hi Team!

I am working on one of the integrations in which I have defined one variable in the main manifest (package level) in such a fashion.

  - name: instance_url
    type: text
    title: Instance URL
    required: true
    show_user: true
  - name: name
    title: name logs
    description: Collect logs from named instances.
      - type: httpjson
        title: Collect logs using REST API
        description: Collect logs from instances using REST API.

I used the following specs for the system test:

  instance_url: instance_url
input: httpjson
    preserve_original_event: true

I tried the data collection with this manifest it's working fine for me, but the system test policy is not getting created. It gives me the following error.

Error: error running package system tests: could not complete test run: could not add data stream config to policy: could not add package to policy; API status code = 400; response body = {"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Package policy is invalid: vars.instance_url: Instance URL is required"}

JFYI, after adding default value for the instance_url variable the system test ran fine, still thinking if there is any compulsion on adding default value, when defined variables in such manner?

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