Table column value update into existing index(pdf ingest) column

Hi, I am new to elasticsearch. I have set of pdf files, i did ingested through FSCrawler(index=pdfvalitate). so, i got details in ElasticSearch. Now, i have a Table in mySQL TMPLT_META(tmpl_id, eff_frm_date, doc_number), through logstash i need to read the table, and if (the tmplt_meta.tmpl_id is equal to pdfvalidate.filename), then i should create as new columns and set in pdfvalidate.var_tmpl_id = TMPLT_META.tmpl_id, pdfvalidate.var_eff_from_date = TMPLT_META.eff_from_date.

Please share your inputs.. How we can achieve this.

Thanks for your time.

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