Table visualization with header defined as row as well as cols

Is there a way in kibana to make a table as attached, where header as row has name and header as first column has date. Nothing but a table which can be made in excel.


You can achieve the above table with Date histogram with Timestamp as attached. Based on the buckets defined, you will be able to populate the data in a tabular format. Do let us know if you need further assistance. This could get you started...

Hello @rashmi
Thanks for your kind response. Here my objective is to define 2 header one as top row which you can see in the attached image as SalonName fields where as second header is date which is defined as column.

So far what I know is as table works where column fields will be shown only vertically as sub aggregation. So my question is , is there a way we can make a table like above in Kibana where headers can be represented as row as well as column.

hello Prashant

Am thinking you could benefit from creating a scripted field like this example here:if (doc['extension.raw'].value == "jpg") return doc['bytes'].value; else return 0; to return the values of your choice in data table. Here is a comparison of data table viz not showing the scripted fields in comparison to using a scripted fields. See the date, label and count described in data-table.

Hope this helps. You can develop a scripted field like the one shown in the example for your data table.


Thanks Rashmi,

But unfortunately I am looking out to define the aggregation on row as well as first column , just like we can make in excel.

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