Excel looking data tables with columns and rows

I am struggling to get Kibana data tables with advance filtering like Excel has with more dimensions in representing data. I come uo with multiple queries, visuations and a single Dashboard.

Is there a plugin / addon or a call where I could freely define my columns and rows?
Struggling to understand what Buckets are ...


Hi Dean, unfortunately I don't know of any plugin which can provide the functionality you're looking for, but I'm also not the comprehensive source of information about Kibana plugins. :smile: You could try taking a look at our list of known plugins, or just poking around on Google.

Here's some more information on buckets, which I hope will shed some light on what they are and the role they play in Kibana's visualizations.

If you'd like us to add a specific feature, could you please create a new issue on our GitHub repository? If you CC me with "CC @cjcenizal" I can make sure the right engineers get this on their radar.


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