Tagging data based on lookup table

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to tag my data according to a lookup table.
The lookup table has these fields:

Key- represent the field name in the data I want to tag.
In the real data the field is a subfield of “Headers” field..
An example for the “Key” field:
“Server. (* is a wildcard)

Value- represent the wanted value of the mantioned field above.
The value in the lookup table is only a part of a string in the real data value.
An example for the “Value” field:

Vendor- the value I want to add to the real data if a combination of field- value is found in an document.

An example for combination in the real data:
“Headers.Server : Linux/2.x UPnP/1.0 Avtech/1.0”

A match with that document in the look up table will be:
Key= Server (with wildcard on both sides)
Value= Avtech (with wildcard on both sides)
Vendor= Avtech

So baisically I’ll need to add a field to that document with the value- “ Avtech”.

  • the subfields in “Headers” are dynamic fields that changes from document to document.
  • of a match is not found I’ll need to add to the tag field with value- “Unknown”.

I’ve tried to use the enrich processor , use the lookup table as the source data , the match field will be ”Value” and the enrich field will be “Vendor”.
In the enrich processor I didn’t know how to call to the field since it’s dynamic and I wanted to search if the value is anywhere in the “Headers” subfields.
Also, I don’t think that there will be a match between the “Value” in the lookup table and the value of the Headers subfield, since “Value” field in the lookup table is a substring with wildcards on both sides.

I can use some help to accomplish what I’m trying to do.. and how to search with wildcards inside an enrich processor.


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