Tagging - Gotta be an easier way

Hi all,

A little new to the ELK stack and syslog in general and have questions.

I want to make it as simple as possible for my folks to search inside ELK.
In my case I have a multiple datacenters and different technology stacks.
What I want to do is have a list of servers (somewhere) and tag them as
they are coming into Logstash so it’s easier for folks to search/me to
create dashboards.

Loc1Myhost1 - Add Tags [Loc1] [Applicaiton1] [SQLServer]

Loc1Myhost2 - Add Tags [Loc1] [Applicaiton2] [WebServer]

Loc2Myhost7 - Add Tags [Loc2] [hypervisor1] [SQLServer]

Loc3Myhost9 - Add Tags [Loc3] [Hypervisor2] [WebServer]

I’ve been looking at the filter mechanism and don’t see any good examples
of how this might be accomplished. Or am I doing this the hard way?


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