Tags and aliases

Hi guys,

I'm trying to build a fast auto-complete box that searches through hundreds
of thousands of tags and their aliases, prioritizing results based on tag
popularity (similar to how maps.google.com search works) - the popularity
will be constructed over time, in a separate database, based on number of
times user selected each tag from the autocomplete box.

Let's say I have "Madrid, Spain" and "Madrid, NM, United States" in the
database. Searching for "Mad" should show Madrid, Spain first and Madrid,
NM, United States after.

Also tags can have aliases, like: "Comunidad de Madrid", "capital of spain"

I'm not sure how to

  1. index the aliases
  2. what analyzer to use to make sure the matching only takes into account
    beginning of words ( "drid" should not match "Madrid")

I hope this is not a silly already-answered question :slight_smile:


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