Taking BackUp of Closed Indices on Local File System

(Tanwer Siddiqui) #1

I am trying to Archive (BackUP) the closed Indices, by taking a copy and saving it in our Local File System and delete the closed indices after successful copy.

Please advice on it.

(Imran Siddique) #2

do u have the indices in one-node? If not, what is it u are backing? all primaries/replicas? Why not use backup feature of ES?

(Tanwer Siddiqui) #3

Yes its on 1 node and all the data is primary. I have to capture all the closed indices and archive

Are you suggesting Snapshot feature.

Please share steps or sample code.

(Magnus B├Ąck) #4

I think an index needs to be open if you're going to include it in a snapshot.

(Mark Walkom) #5

You cannot snapshot closed indices as they are unavailable.
If you have a single node you can also take snapshots to the local FS.

(Imran Siddique) #6

For one-node scenarios backing the index from the data folder and using later works fine. We tried in test environments and it worked fine.

(Tanwer Siddiqui) #7

Please share the steps for implementation.

(Tanwer Siddiqui) #8

We don't have other way, like finding the closed indices and copy it to a different location as a backup

(Imran Siddique) #9

what do u mean by implementation? What we do (in our test environment), close the index, go to ES data folder => [es cluster name] => nodes => 0 => [index name] and take a backup of the folder.

(system) #10