TCP connection failure to ELK stack

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I have setup the elk stack based on

I have build and run the stack successfully.

cisco@ubuntu:~/bigmuddy-network-telemetry-stacks/stack_elk$ sudo ./stack_run

%%% Running stack_run on stack_elk - Fri Mar 9 00:04:34 IST 2018 %%%

Please 'tail -f log/stack_run.log' to watch the action in detail

%%-script:./stack_run:LOG: Collector for stack_elk at
%%-script:./stack_run:LOG: Run stack containers
%%-script:./stack_run:LOG: Executing: docker ps -a
616d27ef2c90 logstash:2.3.1 "/docker-entrypoin..." 5 seconds ago Up Less than a second stack_elk_logstash
17c95de1eb94 kibana:4.5.0 "/bin/sh -c '/star..." 9 seconds ago Up 5 seconds>5601/tcp stack_elk_kibana
38851f1e7d72 elasticsearch:2.3.1 "/docker-entrypoin..." 11 seconds ago Up 9 seconds stack_elk_elasticsearch

%%% Ran stack_run on stack_elk successfully - Fri Mar 9 00:04:45 IST 2018 %%%

Telemetry streams can be pointed at collector, and data viewed in kibana:

Collector @
Streams @ UDP/2103 supporting gprotobuf or JSON
Streams @ TCP/2103 supporting JSON, GPB and self-describing GPB, compressed or not
Kibana @

Note: if host has multiple addresses, use an address which is reachable from source (router or browser as the case may be).

However , when the telemetry data is streamed from the device , I do not see any data. Debugging on the device ,show TCP connection failure to elk stack.

I do not see any logstash.log file generated to get an idea on what is happening

can anybody help me on this ?


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