Term size in memory does not decrease on index:false

I have indexed about 10k docs indexed on a data node

Case A. I have about 140 fields in my document, all analyzed (index: true). Did a _forcemerge.
/_cluster/stats API returns "terms_memory_in_bytes: 'x' bytes"

Case B I have same 140 fields in my document, and the same number of documents used above. But this time none of the fields are not analyzed (index: false). Did a _forcemerge.
/_cluster/stats API returns "terms_memory_in_bytes: 'x' bytes"

I expect no terms to be generated after i make index:false, hence the "terms_memory_in_bytes" should show a very very low size that it is occupying in the memory. Any reasons that i am missing here ?

Any inputs here from ? Looks weird to me...

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