Terms aggregation for multiple fields

Hi Team,
I am new to elasticsearch and learning about the searchapi/queryapi in

I have a requirement to fetch the data from ES. My data is as below assume
in a table format

Prop-Name Type Use
Place1 Sale Office
Place2 Lease Office
Place3 SubLease Office
Place4 Sale Industry

So in type i have Sale, Lease, sublease as distinct values for the
property. Similarly for use i have 7 distinct types.

I have loaded the data as into ES. My need.. at the pageload.. i need to
showe the count of each type and each use.

Upon selection of type, i need to filter the "use" and viceversa.

Assume if we have total 30 places for Type Sale ..then the Use might have
Office15 and Industry 15..

When i select Office 15.. I need to find in the document how many types of
each belong to Office.

  1. All the time, I have to populate the distinct values (3 types and 7 use
    ) and their counts based on the selection of each
  2. How to do aggregation if the Use field having values as "Multi-family"
    and want to show as one aggregated value? Current query bring me as two
    results for this value.


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