TermVector of artifical doc + filtering


first of all I'm fairly new to elasticsearch so sorry if the question is too obvious to answer.

I've created an index with multiple documents stored.
I want to use the term vector api to create term vectors based on artifical documents.
This works so far, but my issue occurs when i add filter parameters. Elasticsearch returns a an error message that the doc_freq must be positive.

When i check the response of a request without filter parameters, some of the returned terms fulfill all 3 filter parameters.

"filter" : {
"max_num_terms": 3, --> number of returned terms
"min_term_freq" : 2, --> minimum number of occurrences of terms in the artificial document to be considered
"min_doc_freq" : 1 --> minimum number of occurrences of terms in all documents of the index

Did i misunderstood something?

Thanks a lot for your support!

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