Test fails on Travis but pass locally

Tried everything I could, but still tests don't pass on Travis. Locally everything is ok!

The error is Caused by: org.elasticsearch.index.mapper.MapperParsingException: No handler for type [text] declared on field [identifier]

Please see the travis log at https://travis-ci.org/noosfero/noosfero/jobs/229318728

That's hitting Elasticsearch 1.7.6 where text is indeed not a type. Are you hitting the wrong version and hitting a different version locally?

Hi Jason,

The local version is using exactly the same version from the tarball downloaded from the same address configured for travis.


Also, the build was passing until https://travis-ci.org/noosfero/noosfero/builds/218600342, then stopped working only on travis without any change or apparent reason (next build that is failing is https://travis-ci.org/noosfero/noosfero/builds/220672725)

I'm not sure what else to tell you: the version that you show running on CI is definitely 1.7.6, you are definitely sending it a field type that is simply not supported on 1.7.6. If that's working locally, you either have a different version or you've defined a custom field type (through a plugin).

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