Testing 2.3.0 - script_lang not supported [groovy]



            .put("script.inline", true)
            .put("script.indexed", true)
            .put("script.update", true)
            .put("script.search", true)
            .put("script.engine.groovy.indexed.aggs", true)
            .put("script.engine.groovy.indexed.search", true)
            .put("script.engine.groovy.indexed.update", true)
            .put("script.engine.groovy.indexed.plugin", true);


java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: script_lang not supported [groovy]
at org.elasticsearch.script.ScriptService.validateScriptLanguage(ScriptService.java:337)
at org.elasticsearch.script.ScriptService.putScriptToIndex(ScriptService.java:392)

I set a breakpoint in ScriptService and I can see it has the correct configuration but the only supported language it has is "native"

Here is code triggering it:


Figured it out, I forgot about this. ElasticSearch 2.2+ no longer supports embedded client with plugins compiled into the same war/jar. It really sucks because it was a really cool when it worked. You could basically combine elastic, spring boot, and a bunch of custom plugins to make standalone clusterable application servers that you could deploy as a single jar file.

You can get away with it up to 2.1 which is I guess where all my software is now stuck.

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