Testing distributed characteristic of Elasticsearch

Hi guys,
Don't get me wrong. This is absolutely not another post about benchmark of
First, I am pretty new to ES. Please be patient if I ask dumb questions. I
am doing a test for academic use only that proving ES's distributed
characteristic is an improvement over Lucene, which is the base of ES. I
want to test that with more than 1 node, the time we get from a search
query is shorter or 'faster'. It is clear that with 2 nodes ( 2 hard disks
) we could get double bandwidth in theory ( each normal disk peak at ~
50MB/s < 128MB = 1Gb of Ethernet so Ethernet is not a bottle neck).

I have 2 physical nodes ( normal laptop ) connected directly via 1Gb
Ethernet port, no router in between. My data is 20GB ( + 20 GB replica) of
3 million records like this : http://pastebin.com/FDhfy6C3
( the source of data I get is http://www.mockaroo.com/67e33320 )

My strategy is to write as many as possible search queries and at the same
time clear the cache. Something like

curl -XPOST ""

curl -XPOST ""

curl -XGET "" -d
"query" : {
"bool" : {
"should" : [
{ "match" : { "first_name" : "Clarence"}},
{ "match" : { "last_name" : "Fernandez"}},
{ "match" : { "country": "uk" }},
{ "match" : { "amount": "$9001.19" }},
{ "match" : { "password_hash": "Th94hnXtaYtZ" }}

I am writing a script to generate as many as possible those match fields but I still want to ask if what I am doing is right?
Any comment/opinion is really appreciated.

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