Testing docFieldLongs

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I have a function, in which I call docFieldLongs. In unit testing I need to
create and override this function and also return ScriptDocValues.Longs.

public void testRunAsLongs throws Exception()
    script = new MaxiScoreScript(params){
        protected ScriptDocValues.Longs docFieldLongs(String getter){
            IndexWriter writer = new IndexWriter(new RAMDirectory(), 

new IndexWriterConfig(Lucene.VERSION, new
Document d = new Document();
d.add(new LongField("value", 102, Field.Store.NO));
d.add(new LongField("value" ,101, Field.Store.NO));

            IndexNumericFieldData indexFieldData = 

AtomicNumericFieldData fieldData =

            AtomicNumericFieldData temp = fieldData;

            // return (ScriptDocValues.Longs) temp.getScriptValues();



The main aim of this is to get the same type returned. However I am having
a few issues with this, with regards to refreshReader. I also feel this is
a very long winded way of doing things.

In summary, I simply want to override docFiledLongs, to return ScriptDocValues.Longs which I have defined. In my function, I call

I want this statement when tested to return a List items, being

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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