Java Native Scripting in 0.90

I'm upgrading to ES 0.90 and I have some native scripts written in Java
(currently using 0.19.8)

The DocLookup in AbstractFloatSearchScript (accessed through doc())
does not have the numeric(string) method anymore, it was used like this:

long myValue = doc().numeric("my_number_value*").getLongValue();*

Now DocLookup implements the Map interface. So instead of
doc().numeric("my_number_field"), I should do doc().get("my_number_field").
Looking at the source code get() returns a ScriptDocValues (although
the signature only says Object).

What should I do to get the long value?

I'm gonna try:

NumericLong n = (NumericLong)doc().get("my_number_field");
long v = n.getValue();

Is that the correct way of doing this?

Felipe Hummel

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