Testing kibana 8.5

Hello, I want to put the success and failure logs of Kibana automatic test into the file, please help me

Hi @mzm1370,

Welcome back! Can you explain what you mean by Kibana automatic test and what you're trying to test?

Hi @carly.richmond
I wrote my tests with functional test and I want write failure or success log descripe into file
How can I do this?

Hi @mzm1370,

I'll be honest, I've not done any plugin development, but I would have guessed for functional tests you would either:

  1. Use a mock and check for emitted failure or success
  2. Start and Elasticsearch and Kibana instance before your tests and check the output of the screen, and check the output of the logs with a file load. But I expect that you would need to factor in timeouts and the file location which could be challenging and potentially lead to long running or flaky tests if you're not careful.

There are some guidance on Kibana plugin testing here and here that could hopefully help to.

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