Regarding Kibana Plugins

I've come up with a following requirement. Please confirm if it's feasible to implement in Kibana.

  1. Is it possible open the log files from kibana interface to find the context of failures in the logs.
  2. Need to find the errors in logs before a particular failure in logs and after the failure of the logs.(for eg before 5 min of the failure and after 5 minutes of the failure and display in kibana).
  3. Is there new plugin development support in kibana . If so please provide any links where i can more information on plugin development.

This user wrote up a pretty fantastic guide to plugin development:

We also have a generator to help you get started:

As for what you want to do, it sounds like it's just a matter of knowing when the error occurred, and setting the time range to 5 mins before & after that. Most likely you'll want to do this via a saved search, but you could do it directly within the Discover tab.

Are you indexing all of the information in the log files? If so, you already have all the data you need in Kibana and shouldn't need to deal with the raw logfiles themselves; that info will all be available in the document's _source value. If not, it's probably possible to create a custom vis plugin of some kind, or perhaps a whole new plugin app, that would allow you to view log files directly.

Thanks a lot for sharing the information . Will try out the Kibana plugin developlent steps and will get back.

It just occurred to me, there might be an easier solution.

If you're just trying to link off to log files from within the document list in Kibana, you could do that pretty easily with a custom field formatter instead of writing a whole plugin. This blog post should help you get started in that case: